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Note – this post is about FB marketing. Fanpage Cashflow Review <==

Many companies dismiss Facebook if they offer B2B product and services, as that is actually typically perceived to become a consumer-based website when that comes to social advertising. This really isn’t the instance as well as if your office doesn’t possess a Facebook presence, then you are actually doing it an injustice.

Facebook is actually a valuable resource for promoting a company, whether you utilize it as a free device, or even if you pay for marketing. Like any sort of kind of on the web advertising though, this’s important in order to get it ideal or even you could run the risk of damaging your business.

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Cash Machines 2 Review

Cash Machines 2.0 Review – The Truth Exposed (Seriously)

Tired of all the fake reviews? The re-hashed garbage spammed all over the internet in order to sneakily take you hard earned money so the so called “good guys” can make a quick commission?

**UPDATE – JULY 1ST Read my FULL Review Below!**

Cash Machines 2.0 Review – My findings after testing for 4 days by Wall Jones

Wall here, and as promised here is my review. Now, I’m going to do things differently than your usual over-hyped blog post that regurgitates the JV page to you. Earn With Mike Review

I’m going to give you my evidence, results and then I will provide more about the product, so here goes!

Below is my confirmation email – as you can see I got access on the June 26 so I’ve been testing for around 5 days now – (removed order number so you can’t steal my copy)


So what is “Cash Machines 2?”

Basically you get a bunch of web based softwares, the main one being an Amazon affiliate site builder and creator. It will rank and fetch related products to place on your site based off a keyword you input. The software auto links the products with your affiliate link, so if a user purchases, you get credited with the commission paid by the Amazon affiliate network (Amazon associates is free to join).

You also get a range of other helpful tools, including a website indexer that can get your site indexed within 15 minutes (I used it on this site).

My Results…

So, I took action and got a few sites built out. You see, the best thing about this is there is hardly any competition for most products, so you can get ranked and start getting traffic within 24 hours. Here is a screenshot of my earnings so far -


13 items shipped already in just 4 days (5 days total, whoever the first day I spent going through the training and implementing what I had learned).

That in my opinion is pretty good considering the time I spend was less than 2 hours (and waiting to get ranked of course).

Obviously I’m not going to be a millionaire anytime soon, however its a great start. This is EASILY very scalable, so all you need to do to increase your income is build more sites.

I have 5 in total BUT not every site will be a “winner”. Out of those 5 sites, 3 are ranked and getting traffic, the other two are indexed but not ranking yet (due to competition). Not all sites will be winners, so spend time and you will eventually see results.

I hate to use this word, but it’s pretty much “point and click” thanks to the ease of the site builder.

Today marks day 6 – and I will continue to use this method to make some passive commissions. As I’ve said, it’s easily scalable and your earning potential is pretty much un-capped, so how much you make is down to how much action you take.

So, I hope you enjoyed my Cash Machines 2 Review – in my opinion this is a REAL review, as in I purchased the product, put it into action and had results I was able to show you. This isn’t a “theory” review like others where they just show you what you get, I show you whats achievable if you take action.

Hit the “Get Instant Access” button below to get started today and replicate my success!